Girls Team


Our Gymnastics Teams offer our students the opportunity to perform in a competitive environment.  In the United States and in most countries in the world, gymnastics has a “levels system” to train its gymnasts.  Love Gymnastics teaches your child the routines and skills necessary to complete at the appropriate gymnastic “skill levels”.  When your child joins one of our teams, she will compete in sanctioned competitions locally and in competitions in our geographical region culminating at the end of the season “State Competition”.  The events are judged using the same points system used at the Olympics Games.

Our teams offer your child the opportunity to develop friendships with children that share her interests in gymnastics in a structured, fun and safe environment.  Team members learn to support each other, learn from each other, help each other to realize their true potential and create an environment that allows everyone to go beyond their individual expectations.

She will compete against her teammates and girls from other gymnastics programs at the same skill level.  Team competition also allows parents to support their child’s interest and meet other parents as their child progresses through the gymnastics skill levels.

The lower levels (level 1 and 2) are training levels.  There are routines and skills required at levels 1 and 2 that prepare your child to compete in sanctioned competitions.  Love Gymnastics and other area gyms hold unsanctioned competitions for training level teams.

Level 3 is the first official competitive level with sanctioned competitions.  It is a compulsory level with set routines in the four girl’s disciplines: vault, uneven bars, floor exercise and balance beam.  All girls perform the same routines at Level 3.

Level 4 and 5 are also compulsory levels, meaning each competitor does the same routine, in each discipline.  These are competitive levels.  To progress to the next level, your child must meet a minimum score in a sanctioned competition.

Levels 6-10 are optional levels.  Optional levels means that each child gets their own routine that highlights their individual skills.  There are different requirements and the requirements get more difficult as your child progresses to the higher levels.

Elite Athletes are the top gymnastics in the country and can be selected to represent our country at competitions like the World Championships and the Olympics Games.