Walking to 3 Years OldYoungstersthis class is often the first organized class your toddler will experience. Our professional instructors will guide you and your child through our curriculum of fun activities on “kid friendly” equipment designed to make learning easier and safer. Classes are 45 minutes.

3-5 Years Old—this class is quite often a child’s first experience with the instructor-child relationship. Your child is old enough to start working with an instructor. We are gentle, yet expectant and want to make this experience a great one! Classes are 50 minutes.

5-7 Years OldGirl5-7this class may be your child’s first experience in the world of “sports.” We make it fun and challenging. Our curriculum teaches a child basic gymnastic skills and simple gymnastic routines using safe, kid friendly equipment. Safety and fun are our priorities. Classes are 55 minutes.

Boys-6 and Up—Love Gymnastics uses the USA Gymnastics Level curriculum to teach the fundamental gymnastics skills for tumbling, trampoline, high bar, rings, vaulting, parallel bars and pommel horse. Classes meet for 55 minutes.

Girls-6 and Up—Using the USA Gymnastics Level curriculum, our instructors teach fundamental gymnastic skills for tumbling, trampoline, uneven bars, beam and vaulting. Classes meet for 55 minutes.

Tumbling—Love Gymnastics uses special shaped mats, custom spring floors and trampolines to teach girls and boys how to safely tumble and flip. This class is perfect for anyone wanting to improve their tumbling for cheerleading or just to have fun!! Classes are 55 minutes.