Love Gymnastics’ recreational gymnastics program is designed for kids that want to learn basic gymnastics skills, stay fit, build strength and flexibility before deciding to join a team to participate in gymnastic competitions.  Our recreational gymnastics programs include, Mom and Me, 3-5 Years Old, Girls 5-7 Years Old, Girls 8 and Up, Boys 5-7 Years Old and Boys 8 and Up.

Love Gymnastics’ recreational gymnastics programs are built on USAG recommendations and standards and our staff has completed the USAG safety and training requirements.  Our recreational gymnastics programs are categorizes by both, age and skill level.  We offer specific classes for children 6 years old and younger.  Older children are placed in classes that match their gymnastics skill levels and must master all the gymnastics skills in their level before advancing to the next level.

Recreational gymnasts get to use the floor exercise, balance beam, uneven bars, vault, pit, and trampoline. They also get to use many types of mats that aide in the learning of specific gymnastics skills.